The desire for the creation of an Historical Lodge was felt by a number of Masons concerned about apparent erosion of our heritage and apathy towards its preservation. Quantities of memorabilia was being lost because there was no procedure for restoration or preservation of important links with our past.

The concept was introduced at a Regional Masonic Workshop in 1976. The interest generated provided incentive to proceed with organizational meetings held in homes, offices and temples, climaxing with a 1977 landmark meeting at the University of Guelph. Prominent speakers addressed the merits and possible obstacles of the proposed objectives.

Following a careful analysis of the failure of similar Masonic research organizations it became obvious that an enduring type of organizational structure was needed to provide continuity and permanence. What better choice than the basic structure of the Craft Lodge which have endured vagaries of time for centuries?

A Petition for a Warrant of Constitution was signed by 104 Charter Members at a formal ceremony on May 18, 1977. The Heritage Lodge came into being Under Dispensation Sept. 9, 1977, by authority of M.W. Bro. Robert E. Davies, Grand Master. The Lodge was instituted Sept. 21, 1977, under direction of R.W. Bro. Charles F. Grimwood, D.D.G.M., Waterloo District.

On Sept. 23, 1978, M.W. Bro. Robert E. Davies proclaimed The Heritage Lodge, Numbered 730 on the Register of the Grand Lodge, duly constituted in accordance with ancient usage. At that time 65 had been added to the original 104 Charter Members.

The high hopes engendered by the founding members of The Heritage Lodge for future progress moved forward, earnestly endeavouring to follow the objects laid down in our charter. Those aims and objectives, defined after hours of deliberation; were focused on one or two established objectives. No attempt was made to embrace all of the basic objectives at the outset.

Our energies have been directed along two main channels:

~First, presentation of talks and lectures which result in the publication of more than four-score research papers to date;
~Second, special projects implemented to challenge and inspire participants.


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